Thursday, December 29, 2011

On the Road!

Hello Everyone,

We're off to the cottage for a week of much needed rest and relaxation, especially on my part! Today is day three with absolutely no voice and it's killing me not to be heard! You would be surprised just how much leg work is involved when you can't use your voice. I also find it amazing how great my husband's hearing really is when you can only whisper to communicate, because for the longest time I thought he was hard of
I think I am quite guilty for this as well, but I like to call it selective listening. My husband is quite the packer, you should see how much he was able to get in the 4Runner for our trip up here, my copics were a must have seeing as I am still on the mend and not much ready for the outside festivities. I am going to sign off early and hope to have a card to show you tomorrow.

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