Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Sad Farewell!

Hello There,

In the last post of the 2011 year, I find it fitting to say a final farewell to some people very close to me that have left this world to be with our heavenly Father in Heaven.  First, I always find it amazing when the Lord takes someone from us, he also brings someone to us!  Sometimes we are even fortunate enough to know of both such people.  On October 27th this year my father passed away, and on the very same day a friend of mine had her first baby boy, and the middle name she happened to choose was the same as my dad's (Allan). Just a coincidence, or maybe a blessing from God, to show me that my dad's memory can live on through this little one in name only.  Secondly, just yesterday our church lost our senior pastor suddenly, from a fall that resulted in a brain hemorrhage, that took his life.  We are certain to feel this great loss, even as we start a new year. There is a lot of comfort knowing that they have gone into the loving hands of Jesus, if they can't be here with us!

So Goodbye Dad, until we meet again in Heaven, may you always know how much I Love You!

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