Saturday, April 7, 2012

Better Already!

Hello Everyone!

What a day I've had!  Last night I did some exercises and then watched a movie and when I got up to put away some recycling, I threw it to the bins and heard a snap in my back and the pain was so intense I thought I was going to throw up. I went to bed and had a difficult time getting comfortable without feeling the pain in my back!  I got up this morning stiff and very sore so I had a hot water bottle on it all morning and then took two advils and laid down and woke up feeling so much better.  It is amazing the difference rest can make!! I am very grateful that it worked because I was able to enjoy Easter dinner next door at my inlaws.  

Back on my feet, just in time for the arrival of the Easter bunny!  Are you ready? I know I have two little girls that got to sleep so quickly tonight so the Easter bunny would have lots of time to make it here!  Thanks for stopping by!

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