Friday, January 27, 2012

Family Getaway!

Hello to all my Friends,

What a great weekend away! Todd, the girls and I are in Niagara Falls at The Great Wolf Lodge and having the best time!  In our room there is a cubby set up like a wolf den with bunk beds for the kids, and then our bed is outside the den.  They have an enormous waterpark with huge slides, an arcade, a spa, a restaurant and a bunch of gift shops.  It's a one stop shop for everything you may need or want!  It's like being on a cruise ship without the warm weather.  We arrived at supper time tonight and have only had a brief look around because we wanted to get to the waterpark before it closed.  Tomorrow we should have a better chance at checking things out!  Until then, I'm heading to bed to refuel for the many stairs I'm going to climb to get to the top of these slides - who needs a gym when you can come to places like this!

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