Thursday, February 2, 2012

Checklist Complete!

Hellooo Friends!

It is 8:30pm and my list has been completed just in time to post my blog and then sit and enjoy Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.  I started today, like I do everyday, getting the kids off to school and then went straight to the grocery store to pick up the things Todd and the girls would need this weekend at the cottage.  I got through six loads of laundry and packed the family up for their weekend, then made a portable dinner for Todd and the girls to eat on the way to the cottage.  By 2:00pm, I had them off and running.  

Next, my turn!  I made some lunch and prepped some food to take to my crop.  Ever since I found out about my gluten and egg allergy, I need to go prepared to such events. I finished the laundry so I could pack my clothes for the weekend, and then the fun started!!  I spent the next couple hours going through all my stamps, and stamped many images that I hope to bring alive this weekend!  Make sure to check back with me to see all the wonderful cards I hope to create for you!

Gotta go, thanks for stopping by!

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