Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snow Much Fun!

Hi Everyone,

I have had the greatest day out in the snow!  Do you remember what it was like, to want to go out and play in it even though you know it's going to be cold?  I remember but I have lost the ability to not mind the cold.  I have to go without thinking too much about it, and when I'm dressed for it, I love it!!  It's just getting me off the comfortable couch with my tea and take the plunge! (so to speak!)  Well I did just that today and went on a snowmobile ride with hubby and the girls to the middle of the lake for a fire. We then cooked some spider dogs for lunch and made our way back to the cottage. I was trying to set up a slide show for you but had some troubles uploading my album on Picasa.  I am very new to computers so I struggle with new endeavors like this one.  Maybe I'll figure it out tomorrow and I can give you a sneak peek into our excursion!  Until then here are the girls geared up and ready to go!

 Don't ya love the matching suits and machines!  Dad can't tell them apart, but I still can! 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to have a slideshow for you tomorrow! (fingers crossed)


  1. whoa!!! looks really cold! but those pink outfits are really cute. :)

  2. Sounds like you had a blast! What are spider burgers?


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