Friday, March 9, 2012

March Break!

Hi Friends,

As of 3:20pm today the kids are out for their March Break!  We are on our way to the cottage until next Sunday.  We were hoping for some snow, so we could go snowmobiling but it looks like that might not happen as the temperatures are supposed to climb to 15 degrees.  Todd has brought the girls some bow and arrows so it looks like some archery will replace the snow activities this break!  I have brought my markers with me this time but will not be able to create the bases until I get home as it is impossible for me to bring all that I need!  I will post them next week when I can finish them when I get home.

To all of you that now have your children for the week, remember to stay hydrated, stretch and get lots of rest so you can make it through the week enjoying every part of  this workout!  lol  Thanks for stopping by!

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