Saturday, March 3, 2012

Practice makes Perfect!

Hi Friends,

The day before the race and I am at the table colouring instead of trying to warm up my legs.  You know what they say about priorities, apparently mine are not in order today!  I have been on a huge learning curve when it comes to showing depth and movement when colouring hair.  I have thrown out more than six images before I could keep the one that I will post tomorrow.  I have been watching many tutorials trying to grasp the feathering hair technique with little success.  I suppose more practice is in order to achieve the results I'm looking for, after all  'Practice makes Perfect!'  I'll have to get your feedback tomorrow on how I did.  

The preparation before the race has begun!  Drinking lots of water, filling up on carbs and getting our ipods and watches juiced up for tomorrow.  Join me tomorrow for the results of both the race and my feathered hair on my newest card!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Can't wait to hear about everything, good luck tomorrow girlie!!!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your image Darlene...I'm sure it turned out fabulous. :) I just spent over an hour at my table working on the hair in an is one of my favourite things to colour. Good luck with the race!

  3. Good luck in your race!


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