Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What a day!

Hi Everyone,

I can't believe the weather we are having in March, today it climbed to 29 degrees.  I won't complain unless it starts to snow in August, then I'll have something to say about it!!  I got the kids off to school, sent Puddles to the groomers and got to spend some time in my craft room getting my card ready for the Twisted Thursday challenge.  I picked up the girls from school and took them to the groomers, oops, I mean hairdresser and then visited with a dear friend who is in town for the week for tea.  We made it home to have dinner with Dad and I tidied up just in time to make it to bible study.  I love the study we are doing right now, it's called 'Guardrails' by Andy Stanley.  It's all about establishing a guardrails in all areas of of lives in a place way before crossing it would be destructive to our lives!  It's a video series and it is fantastic!! 

Beautiful weather, time in my craft room, my dog and children can see again, time for tea and meeting together with friends to study God's word, what a great day!!  Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to join me tomorrow for a little inspiration for our new Twisted Thursday Challenge.

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