Sunday, June 3, 2012

Me and my Girls!

Hi friends,

I have the most enjoyable long weekend alone with my two girls!  Todd has had the girls for the past two weekends while I've been at the cottage with my sister's and in Buffalo at the CK convention so I wanted to have them all to myself!  Todd had wanted to go up to the cottage so we sent him to enjoy it on his own!

So I asked them what they would like to do for our girl's weekend and you'll never guess what they said!  Abigail wanted to go shopping with her gift cards and Hailey wanted to get her ears pierced so that's exactly what we did!  It was so much fun just relaxing and listening to my two little girls share their life with me.  There were many times I wanted to jump in with my opinion but I kept it to myself. (believe it or not) lol   Sometimes life gets so busy with doing things we forget to sit back and just listen. I'm sure glad I did!

Thanks for checking in on me! 

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  1. Precious times! They are grown and gone before you know it!


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