Sunday, May 27, 2012

First Break!

Hello to all my friends,

It has been quite a weekend for the entire Lyons family.  I was up at the cottage with my three sisters to spread my dad's ashes and say our final goodbyes and to clean it and get it ready for the season.  One was emotionally exhausting and the other was physically exhausting!  We had just finished both when my husband had sent me an email with this picture of our seven year old Hailey. 

So you can just imagine how I felt not being able to be there to cuddle her!  She fell from the monkey bars at school over the weekend and fractured her elbow.  Look at the smile on her face, children are so resilient.  She even went to her piano recital the next day and played her piece using only her one finger on her right hand.  She's our little trooper! 

So that was my weekend, I hope to have an uneventful week to recover! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh wow Darlene - I know you probably about had a heart attack when you saw that! Believe me, I've been there and done it! My son, who will be 18 this week, has at least one trip each sport season to the ER - makes for some great scrapbook pages if nothing else! I know your daughter will be fine, even if it took a year or two off of your life! LOL!

  2. Oh no poor Hailey. Hope she heals quickly and is not in too much pain

  3. Praying for your daughter Hailey. She does look like a little trooper and just took that break in stride. Praying for you to have a good week with no surprises.

  4. Ah poor Haley to have a cast at the very beginning of summer and swimming:( You had a very emotional roller coaster this weekend and I can feel your pain. Hoping your week calms down A LOT! Keep your chin up g/f!


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