Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tomorrow's the Day!

Hello Everybody,

A full day of running errands in order to be ready for Abigail's 9th Birthday party when I get home from the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Buffalo.  I get home from Buffalo Sunday and have twenty-one for dinner on Monday.  With everything closed on Monday because of the holiday, I need to shop for all fresh goods, the cake and the balloons as I  soon as I get home!  Once I make it in the house I have brownies and five dozen peanut butter balls to prepare for the party.  In the morning, I need to clean the house and decorate for the party before noon!  I believe I have painted a good picture of why I am sooo looking forward to the next three days of  R&R with my friends in Buffalo scrapbooking, don't ya think?  

I'll be sure to check in and keep you posted on all the bargains and of course, the shenanigans!  Six women together with no responsibilities equals trouble of all kinds! lol  Thanks for stopping by!

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